Sentinel Display on WonderFest 2015

February 8th, 2015  |  Published in Sentinel  | 0

Sentinel also shows some impressive line up from Gatchaman, Tatsunoko Fighting Gear, Some Ironman RE:Edit Series Hulkbuster.

I think the hightlight of the display is the robot from Amadeus, and Gaiking Knights.

Fewture Getter Dragon G Hyper Beast mode

February 8th, 2015  |  Published in Fewture  | 0

Here is some pictures of Dragon G Hyper Beast Mode

– There is a Scythe Weapon with Getter 1 I think it looks very bad ass
– In my opinion the color scheme is also better with the repaint
– Other than that is just the different head.

Yes, this is another milking scheme from Fewture…

Fewture Reideen the Brave

February 8th, 2015  |  Published in Fewture  | 0

As mentioned before here is some teaser of work in progress of Fewture Reideen the Brave

Some says that this drawing is from the late Dr Taku Sato.

Fewture – WonderFest Winter Festival 2015

February 8th, 2015  |  Published in Fewture  | 0

Wonderfest Winter Festival is now exhibiting in Tokyo Japan. There are some very cool figures / Robot.

Here are some cool stuff from Fewture
– Fewture Grendizer Display / With Spacer
– Fewture Getter G repaint / with Hyper Beast mode. ( note that this Hyper Beast mode is a more bad ass head sculpt )
– Also a tease of Fewture Raiden

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Ironman by Sentinel ( Dino Getter Maker ) Re:Edit Ironman

July 27th, 2014  |  Published in Sentinel  | 0

Ever wondered if MARVEL “Ironman” would be treated like Japanese Mecha version.

Wonder no more ! Sentinel the maker of Riobot / Dino Getter figures are making their version of Ironman, also a variant of comic book Ironman and Warmachine.

There is mixed issue whether this will be a 1/6 release or 1/9 or 1/12 size.

The price tag is 170$ and 90$

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SDCC 2014 all the batman you ever wished for!

July 27th, 2014  |  Published in Play Arts Kai, VideoGames  | 0

Recently on San Diego Comic Con SquareEnix have released a multiple variation of their Play Arts line, in particular BATMAN. Perhaps commemorating the 75th anniversary of Batman, there are plenty of variants of Batman.

Notably is the the BATMAN by Tetsuya Nomura that redesign BATMAN becoming more final fantasyish ..

Not only that SquareEnix display all kinds of Batman, but also their trademark Final Fantasy 7 CLOUD from the advent children its being renewed, also another version of HALO MasterChief…

Enjoy these beautiful pictures from ToyArk

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GUNDAM Fix Figuration RX78-2 1/35 Retail release

May 4th, 2014  |  Published in Bandai, GFF  | 0

The prototype of this RX78 has been displayed couple since 2 years ago. Back then we heard there are production limitation that this gundam will not go on the retail.

Just recently Bandai have showcased this gundam and they will be releasing this figure this 2014! Standing about 50cm 1/35 Gundam Fix Figuration will a lot of detail on the body armor and opening parts.

There are still announcement in regards to a price, my prediction will be 70.000 – 100.000 yen..
if Bandai can release this around the 500 dollar mark, my bet this will be a good deal. Which in this case i think its very unlikely.

Well see about that !

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Play Arts Kai DC Variant Superman and SuperGirl

August 8th, 2013  |  Published in Play Arts Kai, VideoGames  | 0

I totally liked the direction of Play Arts Kai DC Variant.

Green Lantern 52, Batman and WonderWoman have just released this month.

While Flash and BatGirl are now open for pre-ordering

There are prototype shown for Superman, and SuperGirl. I liked how SuperGirl have a sword attached through it.
Other than this two Aquaman prototype has also surfaced.

The price of this ussualy ranges from 6800 Yen (amiami) – 7400 Yen ( These price are before shipping cost )

I liked these DC Variant the height of the figure is equal to METAL GEAR SOLID Play arts kai

I usually purchased my stuff through amiami with shipping option SAL registered. I tried to use SAL unregistered before the price could save up about 700 yen. However that 700 yen is so not worth it because mose of the time it arrives to my country very slow and there is no insurance or tracking that come with it.

What I notice though, if the item is small like Figma / SHF / Revoltech with SAL Unregistered the item will come blazingly faster.

ThreeA / 3Zero x Zoids

August 8th, 2013  |  Published in 3 Zero  | 0

Zoids are mostly produced in model kit form, the main producer for Zoid figure is the Kotobukiya company. The Hmm series also comes with some limited model and runner.

The cool news about this is now ThreeA / Three Zero are collaborating with Zoid. The scale of this Zoid is 1/72 the same as the HMM series. Not sure about the price but the weathering on this is sure amazing. I’m not sure if this a Shield Liger or a Blade Liger. They also releasing a Iron Kong Zoid.


SideShow announced Jim Raynor 1/6 scale, apparently this sideshow toy is a collaboration with a third party studio. The price of this figure is 499 $USD that exclude shipping cost for most store. However the detail of the armor of this is very impressive. You wont be able to detach the Jim Raynor figure out of the armor. However it comes with 2 variant of head. There is also Tycus figure on planning. The figure should be fairly limited due to the price barrier. We will later see whether the price can rise up or lowered down in the secondary market.

We will be waiting for more for starcraft 2 figure release .. like kerigan on snipper suit, and Tycus Findlay.

500 Dollar is hard justification for this figure. Which heighted around 15 inch. I guess is just slightly smaller then Ironmonger. The lighting works and the cabling and the detachable visor is a win for me.

Can’t wait for Tycus not sure perhaps Tycus will be out after this Jim Raynor Release…. sigh.. these days the cost of the figure is just getting higher and higher. For me personally this is hands down figure. Despite of the price tag 🙁

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