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ASI Ferrari 458 1:18 Awesome

September 29th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized  | 0

Imagine if Car diecast manufacturer would collaborate with specific car tuner for making 1:18 version of the car. Imagine having hamann Ferrari 1:18 that comes from the official manufacturer how awesome it is going to be. You know that actually some store ebay sell conversion kits, which is turned out to be very low quality plastic. Anyway this Ferrari 458 is actually good, however I don’t like the front bumper look on this. Not sporty enough, the Ferrari 430 front bumper looked a lot better.

Thanks, there is ASI. ASI is Ferrari and Bently tuner from Japan, founded by Satoshi Kondo.
Lately there is a car sketch, for it and it looked so damn awesome! Check out bellow for the comparison



I wish if Burago, Hotwheels, Jada or even Mattel would make a 1:18 version based on ASI. Mattel is already confirm producing the Ferrari 458 in 1:18 scale.

Disney Transformers Mickey Optimus Prime

September 26th, 2009  |  Published in Takara  | 0

Ever imagine what Mickey Mouse and Optimus Prime combined ??
Takara the toys marker toke the risk to combined them..

look no further check out the pic bellow, price starting from 90USD, what do you reckon ? cool and cute.. ?
hmm not really my type but Mickey Mouse might fit better with Mazinger Z…


Read more to have a look.. what is it end up like..

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Macross Frontier – VF-25 Super Valkyrie Alto Ver.

September 26th, 2009  |  Published in Bandai, Macross  | 0

Talking about Bandai VF-25 1/60 die cast that got released on the December 2008. Not long after Bandai release the Armored parts. Just the addon part for the original Bandai VF-25. As you can see from my previous post.
However though now they are back again. Bandai are planning to release VF-25 in a Super Valkyrie Alto Ver. The price will be around 199 USD. Heavy Price tag ? damn… safe abit more so you can afford fewture toys. If money no problem for you this one is also must have…
I’m wondering if the original VF-25 1/60 + armored Kit will look better then this…

Bandai Macross Super Valkyrie Alto Ver

Bandai Macross Super Valkyrie Alto Ver

Bandai’s Armor Plus EX gear featuring Alto Saotome

September 26th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized  | 0

If you are a big fans of Macross you cannot miss this one. This toy is finally out on ebay. The price tag are around 90 USD, without shipment. The visionary character Saotome Alto from Macross Frontier, always dream about bigger skies, a top gun and lots of admiration from all the girls.


If you are new into Macross Toys, there Yamato and Bandai Producing all sort of toys for Macross. My eyes and caught for this one
BANDAI 1/60 DX Chogokin Macross Frontier VF-25F Diecast, together with the Amored kit type. Unluckily the price tags now are also a bit step. The 1/60 Diecast for VF-25 are around 160 USD, while the Kit also around 120USD, that makes it almost 300 USD without shipment.. ūüôĀ

Check out the image bellow for VF-25 die cast with alto amored valkryie ,


Halo Japanese Animation Movie, Halo Legends

September 25th, 2009  |  Published in Anime, VideoGames, Xbox 360  | 0

Remember the animatrix ? well you can say this is Halo Legends is animatrix version.

Halo Legends consist of 8 short anime films, created in collaboration by bungie with 7 edge leading japanese animation companies amongs them are Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Studio 4¬įC, and Toei Animation.

You can view Short 5 minutes movie over here.. This one is called the “Babby Sitter”

Pretty cool eh looking at masterchief in anime style… hmmm I liked it!

Gundam 00 PG 1/60 Raiser Coming

September 25th, 2009  |  Published in Bandai, Gundam PG 1/60  | 0

Gundam Raiser will finally received it PG treatment. Release date will be on November, priced aroung 26,250 Yen. 11 of November to be exact, you can buy it around in the internet for slightly cheaper price around $256 USD, some store in ebay even selling it even cheaper. Just need to be carefull with shipment cost.

PG Raiser 1/60 00 Gundam

PG Raiser 1/60 00 Gundam

It have two type of arms to mount 0 Raiser and 00 Gundam! It can also combined, truely awesome!!

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MacBookPro I7 or MacbookPro QuadCore

September 25th, 2009  |  Published in PC / MAC  | 0

Recently held IDF2009 in San Francisco announced couple of new Intel Processors, 3 of the newly announced Clarksfield chip there one chip that will bring Core i7 Computing to notebook. This processore i7-920XM can run in turbo mode up to 3.2GHZ clock speed.
Dell, Alienware and Asus are already racing towards introducing their new notebook line that uses this new powerful processor. The price tags ? expensive for sure, the processor it self will be sold for $546 USD for 820QM and $346 USD for 720QM.


For MacBook Pro apparently we are still stuck with the Intel Core 2 Duo, since the last two years. I’m really hopping early on next year Apple will introduce their new macbookpro utilising this processor.

MGS Peace Walker TGS 2009 Demo

September 24th, 2009  |  Published in PSP, VideoGames  | 0

Thanks to IGN, you can now download this new Metal Gear Solid demo for the PSP. Apperantly some people liked it some people don’t. I heard the coop is awesome too. I always had a bad impression on MGS on PSP, hope this one will changed it..


Download Here Thanks IGN for the awesome Demo

  • You need Firmware 6.0 on the PSP
  • Download and unzip the file below.
  • Install the file by going into USB Mode on the PSP.
  • On your computer go to the PSP folder, then the game folder, then drop “NPJH90063” into that folder.

Have fun!

Final Fantasy 13 Special White Playstation 3

September 24th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized  | 0

Anticipating the end of year release for Finaly Fantasy 13, Sony Computer Entertainment prepared a FF13 special edition of the Slim white Playstation 3.

The white new slim Playstation 3 look so sleek, combined with pink engrave of the FF13 character.The theme of the console is lightning. It is the 250 GB model.

Price is a bit shocking, you can own this for ¥41,600 which is around $450 USD.

The white slim PS3 FF3 theme will be launched on December 19.


This is definitely better than the BLACK FF7 ACC Fat PS3 edition…


Gears of Wars Lancer Replica

September 24th, 2009  |  Published in Bandai, VideoGames, Weapon Replica  | 0

If you are a big fans of Gears of Wars, get ready to get shock!!

This is a full 1:1 Lancer Gun replica from Gears of Wars. Produced by Triforce. The details is absolutely stunning.

Expecting release date is Febuary 2010. The price tag is also shocking,  its $954 USD well if you can afford it, sure there will be special satisfaction one

that only money can buy.

It looked really real, I wonder if the lights are on and the ammo pack is changeable.


More Specs:

  • Item Number: GOW_lancer
  • License: Gears of War
  • Product Size: 13″ H x 5″ W x 40″ L
  • Product Weight: 15lbs
  • Artist: Erick Sosa, Jorge Martinez, William Valenzuela, Toi Ogunyoku, Paul Komoda

Visit the TriForce website to secure your gun now!!