If you are a big fans of Macross you cannot miss this one. This toy is finally out on ebay. The price tag are around 90 USD, without shipment. The visionary character Saotome Alto from Macross Frontier, always dream about bigger skies, a top gun and lots of admiration from all the girls.


If you are new into Macross Toys, there Yamato and Bandai Producing all sort of toys for Macross. My eyes and caught for this one
BANDAI 1/60 DX Chogokin Macross Frontier VF-25F Diecast, together with the Amored kit type. Unluckily the price tags now are also a bit step. The 1/60 Diecast for VF-25 are around 160 USD, while the Kit also around 120USD, that makes it almost 300 USD without shipment.. 🙁

Check out the image bellow for VF-25 die cast with alto amored valkryie ,



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