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I have not been blogging for a very long time. I guess now its the year 2012 time to start fresh 🙂

For Information I have now moved back to my country Indonesia, suprisingly the toy communities here are a lot more happening then what it was before in Australia.

Work have been very much busy. I have just recently changed the server for my website.

Anywho, perhaps I’m a bit bored with Hot Toys and 1/6 frenzy. My love for mecha will never dies. I started to go back to to collect all the PG gundam again

Ironically, these Gundam which I previously owned and soled it to people with very cheap price. Now time to get them back with a cheap price, I realise its very hard to find a cheap Gundam.

My last recent steal is the PG 1/60 Aile Strike Gundam.

Not only comes assembled but the Gundam that I obtained comes out with nice painted and decals.

I like it how the color is very similar to the original Gundam color…

Please enjoy this collection of mine….

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Ultra Act Ultraman

March 6th, 2010  |  Published in Anime, Bandai, VideoGames  | 0

This is the Ultraman in SH figure art forms, however Bandai called this lined up as Ultra-Act. This will be a good contender for “Revoltech” Kaiyodo. The height is about 16cm, highly articulated and posable.

This look like the best articulated Ultraman figure I’ve seen. Looks good in the cape too..

c=”” alt=”” title=”actultraman” width=”491″ height=”500″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-349″ />

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Project BM Akira Bike pictures

March 5th, 2010  |  Published in Anime, Bandai, VideoGames, Weapon Replica  | 0

There is a new update for Project BM Akira Bike, the length of the bike is 0.5 Metter (quite huge )

There are 5 components light up: headlights, front and rear wheels, left and right turn signals, rear lamps and dashboard. The bike’s armor can be detached easily,

The Plastic Armor are held together via magnet, it has sound effect for the brake (left) and the accelerator (right). Can be connected to an external speaker for higher sound quality. There will be also special prize for early pre-order: plain cowl and special stickers designed by Otomo Katsuhiro (大友克洋), director of “Akira”.

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The most expensive Mazinger Z I’ve ever known

January 28th, 2010  |  Published in Bandai  | 0

This is the most expensive Mazinger – Z I’ve ever known. This was actually show cased last year in 2009 but now is already confirmed!
UMC stand for Urban Material Chogokin, it was produced by Tamashii Nation ( under Bandai ).

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Jumbo Mazinger

December 1st, 2009  |  Published in Bandai  | 0

Jumbo Mazinger is due to be released this month the price is around 270USD. This has been the second revisit since 36 years ago Jumbo Mazinger was produced by Popy. Accurately based on its design for the “Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z Hen” anime, this enormous robot is articulated at all major joints, allowing it to replicate its signature Breast Fire and Rocket Punch attack moves. The included Hover Pileder can be docked into Mazinger Z’s head, and separate arm units are also provided that are capable of launching the robot’s fists! Make this the centerpiece display in your collection!

PG Raiser 00 1/60 From AMIAMI

November 30th, 2009  |  Published in Bandai, Gundam PG 1/60  | 0

I bought this item from amiami, couple of month ago amiami just opened their international store. The price is 25% off the marked price, so bought this PG Raiser 1/60 gundam for 18280 Yen which converted to be around 210 USD. Pretty good price eh, but wait shipment cost another 10750 Yen, which is around 120 USD! This might be because I bought Macross Frontier Ex Gear Alto together with it ( the macross cost 4700 Yen aroun 54 US which a very good price compared elsewhere..) . Regardless I almost canceled my order as soon as I hear the price tag. I email their support in regards to cheaper shipping alternative, but apparently this is already a good price according to the sales reps. He explained the box is really really huge. Then after couple of thoughts and price checking from ebay (most of ebay are pre-ordered or not the first release), I have decided to get it of amiami.

Upon receiving it No surprise, the box is so damn huge. Shipment with EMS was lightning fast. Shipped on Saturday Received on Monday. No Drama. Packaging is well solid. Perfect package. I received the Gundam Raiser Stand as well which I heard this is only available for the first batch of shipment.

There will be an additional Clear Parts for the Gundam. This will cost around 3500 Yen alone. Not sure if I will get this.

Inside the Gundam Box, there are 3 different box, one for the raiser, one for the Gundam and one for the pre-assambled part of the GN Drive. Damn, this might take couple of weeks to build.. well I will save it for later… maybe early next year when I’m not busy 😛

Overall I’m pretty much happy buying from AMIAMI. And would recommended Amiami as reliable Japanese toys store.

AKIRA Project BM more details

November 8th, 2009  |  Published in Anime, Bandai  | 0

BM Project or Project BM are a special toys line up from Bandai. As posted on my previous post here are some better images on the Kaneda bike’s. It will be released next month together with the Shotaro Kaneda figures on March next year.

The Kaneda figures are made of PVC, hard plastic and real leather ( for the clothes ). You will get two type of head, the normal one and the one with googles on. Also comes with the battery pack and the laser gun connected to it.

This is probably the ultimate Akira Toys you cannot miss on March next year.

Before it went on sale later next month, Bandai is giving out free kit for modeling expert to test out the kit. Couple of lucky plamodel professional from Japan already get this PG 1/60 Rasier kit early. This particular PG model was completed by Meister Sekita from Dengeki Hobby Workshop. No doubt Mr Sekita is an avid Gundam maker, and apparently after a closer investigation this kit does look very generic and similar to the anime. Definitely it is not ordinary, but its not that special as well. The advantage of this is the size and the superb detail. Should you get one ? perhaps wait for more review later…..

Tamashii Armored Part for Alto Custom Bandai SDX 1/60

October 19th, 2009  |  Published in Bandai, Below $200, Macross, Price  | 0

Not long ago, I got an Alto Custom Bandai 1/60 SDX from big bad toy store it is on 20% discount. Not a bad price, shipment is a bit expensive but they do reliable shipment with tracking. You can cancel any order as long as it is not shipped from their warehouse.

Surprisingly enough Alto Custon 1/60 does look a bit small. Not very satisfied with the stock look I decided to get more parts for it. The Armored part produced by Tamashii. Tamashii only sell parts, limited edition toys for bandai stuff on the web. Bought the part for $99 USD. The part for box is so huge its about almost 3 time bigger compared the actual Alto. The parts are made of plastics. Great colour and high in details. Makes the alto custom so loaded … Worth the bucks! I definitely recommend this kit for all of you who own Alto Custom.
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Which SDX Gundam Do you like the most ?

October 18th, 2009  |  Published in Bandai, Below $100, Gundam SDX  | 0

Recently Bandai starts to release their SDX Gundam collection, these Gundams SD are cute but come with a quite heavy price tag. The price range are between 45 – 60 USD. The one that I most looking forward into is the Versal Gundam. The Versal SDX Gundam are continuation of the Knight Gundam lineup. What so cool about this one is the armor is painted in white color, a Very nice white too … Versal SDX Gundam will be realsed on early December 2009. Pre-orders are starting now !

Versal SDX Gundam Knight

Versal SDX Gundam Knight

SDX Versal Gundam

SDX Versal Gundam

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