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Tamashii Armored Part for Alto Custom Bandai SDX 1/60

October 19th, 2009  |  Published in Bandai, Below $200, Macross, Price  | 0

Not long ago, I got an Alto Custom Bandai 1/60 SDX from big bad toy store it is on 20% discount. Not a bad price, shipment is a bit expensive but they do reliable shipment with tracking. You can cancel any order as long as it is not shipped from their warehouse.

Surprisingly enough Alto Custon 1/60 does look a bit small. Not very satisfied with the stock look I decided to get more parts for it. The Armored part produced by Tamashii. Tamashii only sell parts, limited edition toys for bandai stuff on the web. Bought the part for $99 USD. The part for box is so huge its about almost 3 time bigger compared the actual Alto. The parts are made of plastics. Great colour and high in details. Makes the alto custom so loaded … Worth the bucks! I definitely recommend this kit for all of you who own Alto Custom.
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Macross Frontier – VF-25 Super Valkyrie Alto Ver.

September 26th, 2009  |  Published in Bandai, Macross  | 0

Talking about Bandai VF-25 1/60 die cast that got released on the December 2008. Not long after Bandai release the Armored parts. Just the addon part for the original Bandai VF-25. As you can see from my previous post.
However though now they are back again. Bandai are planning to release VF-25 in a Super Valkyrie Alto Ver. The price will be around 199 USD. Heavy Price tag ? damn… safe abit more so you can afford fewture toys. If money no problem for you this one is also must have…
I’m wondering if the original VF-25 1/60 + armored Kit will look better then this…

Bandai Macross Super Valkyrie Alto Ver

Bandai Macross Super Valkyrie Alto Ver