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Fewture Getter 1 Gigantic Double Tomahawk

December 15th, 2009  |  Published in Below $100, Fewture, Price  | 0

I owned all the original Fewture getter. ( not the repaint ), as I’m getting bored to look at the machine gun .. I finally got the “gigantic tomahawk” from Angolz today.

The tomahawk is all made from plastic. ( if its from die cast I think would be to heavy for getter 1 to carry it ).

While the name sounded silly at first, I understand now why they called it Gigantic its almost over one third quater tall as compared to getter 1 itself.

It comes with the switchable hand too..

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Aoshima Black Getter Comparison

October 28th, 2009  |  Published in Aoshima, Below $100, Below $200, Fewture, Price  | 0

Aoshima rather known as Miracle House are rather famous for their SG series Getter. The only problem are they making too many version for the same model. Lately I was looking into getting on Black Getter robots model. I actually really wanted to get the Fewture Black Getter which are damn expensive ( price up to $1000 – $1500 USD). At the moment there are 3 versions of Aoshima Black Getters they are:

  • Black Getter Normal Version (With Ryoma)
  • Black Getter Metalic Kawaii Version (With Dr Saotome)
  • Black Getter Matt Blood / Weathering Version (With Ryoma)

After close investigation with no doubt I can say the Weathering Version of is the best amongs all, not only comes with the blood stain it also glow in the dark. The only problem is there not much stock available for this version. It can cost up to $250 US.

I decided to get the Metalic Kawaii Version, as I feel there are nothing special on getting the normal version of it.
You can wait until Bandai release their Black Getter SOC.. maybe it just a matter of time !

However it is up to your preference which one to get đŸ˜€
If you confused you can collect them all .. hehe!

Fewture Getter Missile Gun

October 16th, 2009  |  Published in Fewture  | 0

I’m one of those late collector, This Gun supposed to come with Fewture Getter 3 with Bear Combo released in 2006. Gun can be used by Fewture Getter 1 or Fewture Getter black. Nowadays most of the seller on ebay sell it separately. The price for Getter 3 can without Gun can goes up to 600 – 900 USD. The Gun it self priced around 170 – 250 US. Some store in ebay sell the Fewture Getter Gun for 520US! way too damn expensive for the Gun. Lucky enough I’m able to scope the Gun for quite a good price :P!!