Diesel Batman Limited Edition Watch

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This might not be a new news. However just spot this on the net pretty neat, the initial release price is 350 US, you are still gladly find this on the internet for 399 US.

This is limited 5000 piece world wide, With nice batman theme, black rubber strap and great blue led backlight this watch is a great collectible for bat fans.

For me personally not a great fan of diesel watch though….


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From a mecha designer Yutaka Izubuchi, comes the design of this beautiful robot RahXephon. This particula RahXephon is manufactured by Megahouse. According to some source the major composition of this toys is Chogokin.

This Raxephon will be release on March this year. Looking great. Depending on how much they set the price might be intersted to secure one.

Hot Toys make a big fuss in Anicon with a lot of announcement in regards to their line,

Amongst the previously announced they make an debut of these following toys

  • The new amazing Spiderman headsculpt,
  • Hot Toys Hulk Avengers,
  • Hot Toys X-Men First Class, Professor X, Wolverine,
  • Hot Toys Robocop prototype
  • Hot Toys Ada Wong Resident Evil 4

From what I can see, Robocop 1, I’m not sure if Hot toys will make Robocop 2, and Robocop 3. I cannot see the difference between this Robocop and the old model that Hot Toys Released.
Robocop infact look a lot stiffer.

Same with the Robot ED-209 I notice not much different.

I was very much surprised with the announcement of Ada Wong, they first announced this in 2011 and did not hear any news since then. I hope they don’t re issue Hot Toys VGM Leon S. Kennedy since I’m paying it premium on ebay for this sucker.

Then my hope is Hot Toys can bring up,

Anyway enjoy these pictures from Toy ARK

Hot Toys 1/4 Batman TDKR and 1/4 Endoskeleton

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Hot Toys are finally entering the 1/4 market with their flagship batman line.

The 1/4 hot toys batman features the following:
– Bruce Wayne Head Sculpt
– PERS ( Parallel Eyeball Rolling System ) This is the same as DX Line,
– Fabric Costume armor
– Batman Sonar Gun
– Diorama Figure Stand
– Joker clown 1/4 head
– Bane Mouth piece
– Scarecrow Head

The Batman collectible is newly developed and highly detailed, specially crafted based on the image of Christian Bale as the iconic character Batman, highlighting the movie-accurate head sculpt, Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) on Batman’s head, specially made fabric costume with armor based on the costume design in the movie, weapons and specially made figure stand imitating the movie scene.
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3A obtained a license to produce 1/6 scale HALO. The first attempt is Commander carter, and Spartan Mark 4 Commander, both are the same the differences are just the color scheme, one white and one blue.

Halo Reach 3 Figure will cost 200 USD before member discount, if you have a 3AA membership. Will be available on the bambalandstore next week.

3A is rather known for their good paint job quality, weathering style, battle damage, rusty paint. Therefore I’m looking forward to this

What are the surprises for Anicon in Hongkong, it;s a pitty perhaps Hot Toys did not make the rest of this announcement on time for sandiego comicon they are only able to display half of their surprise. Sure it took plenty of plenty of surprises but for this Anicon.

First of all Agent Coulson, of Avengers. Sure there not much to do with his black suit custom other than his gun. However since he did a heroic moment in gathering the avengers he does deserve his action figure.

Secondly Chitauri foot soldier, gosh I can’t believe that Hot Toys is making this, bring on the Agent Maria Hill. Its going to look awesome for Chitauri Foot soldier, now they mention foot soldier, I will not surprise if actually Hot Toys will make Chitauri Flying soldier, or other Chitauri soldier variant.

Lastly, other than the Cat Woman, Batman the dark knight rise they are also displaying the 1/4 Batman scale, this will definitely heat up the competition with enterbay and the way I look at it Hot Toys entering 1/4 scale will be masive, I can’t wait for them to make 1/2 scale that would be awesome.

I wonder if they will display Hulk and Ironman Mark 7 too

ES Gohkin Mazinger and ES Gohkin Great Mazinger

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It is about time they release the continuity of this ES Gohkin series.

This time what they release is ES- Gohkin Mazinger and Great Mazinger,

Usual stuff to expect from Fewture / Art Storm this chibi Mazingers will come with lightable eyes just like the getter. Hopefully the chest can light up to, like the breast of fire move.

The price will be 4800 yen and they are taking preorder very soon

Gundam 1/48 mega size gft version

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There is a recent edition of gundam 1/48. It is the 1/48 megasize GFT version. As it might using the base of the normal 1/48. The color scheme of this gundam and the sculpt might follow the actual 1/1 gundam in the divercity. The Gundam with this details in this scale would be awesome. However the price is a bit step and if you manage to score one these days the price are almost double the original megasize.
gundam 148 gfft edition

gundam 148 gfft edition

Hot Toys SDCC 2012 Display

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Its been a long time tradition for Hot Toys to display their latest collectables item in the SDCC, this time instead of another Mark 6 Secret Project painted figure. What Hot Toys displayed is 3 Exclusive show item which ar; Captain America “Rescue Version”, Lt . Jim Gordon from ( SWAT Version ), Angelica from Pirates of the Carabean.

There are some surprise in this show which includes;
– Captain America Comical Classic Version
– Expandables 2 Barney Ross Figure

For the new Barney Ross figure, I did not see much of a differentiation compared to the old barney ross just the custom slightly different. Also Barney Ross will always look a lot younger in here as compared to the old one.

Incoming search terms:

Not also displaying all the most recent videogames toys, squareenix playarts kai are expending into their movie license with The Dark Knight Rises, the figure Batman and Bane.

The cool thing about Play Arts Kai is the sculptor artist have a view on what it is so called “Action Figure” touch. Their proportion and fine detailing is not the same as Hot Toys with their realistic approach.

I do think that Play Arts have a lot of room to improve especially in the painting of these action figure. As for the scale it self, Play Arts Kai are slightly larger than the old play Arts ( These are really different for each figure and there are no exact scale for each comparison )

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