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Super Armored Fighting Suit (S.A.F.S.) AWESOMENESS

October 18th, 2009  |  Published in Above $1000, Medicom Toys, Price  | 0

Super Armored Fighting Suit (S.A.F.S.) is a 1/6 scale ( 12 inch ) robot and lady pilot figure. This Super Toys is created in collaboration with two biggest toy maker, Medicom Toy and Toys McCoy. Super Armored Fighting Suit combines vinyl, PVC, and metal to bring you this articulated fighting suit.

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Fender in coorpoeration with Yamano music are launching 2 guitar variant based on Evangelion Rei Ayanami. Both guitar are due to release by the end of this year. Apperantly both are for auction. So I’m sore there is much of crazy Otaku who will get this. Need to be careful that paint on the wood is aged deterioration with temperature and humidity, so you need to make sure to store this kind of guitar in not a humid air.