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3A obtained a license to produce 1/6 scale HALO. The first attempt is Commander carter, and Spartan Mark 4 Commander, both are the same the differences are just the color scheme, one white and one blue.

Halo Reach 3 Figure will cost 200 USD before member discount, if you have a 3AA membership. Will be available on the bambalandstore next week.

3A is rather known for their good paint job quality, weathering style, battle damage, rusty paint. Therefore I’m looking forward to this

What are the surprises for Anicon in Hongkong, it;s a pitty perhaps Hot Toys did not make the rest of this announcement on time for sandiego comicon they are only able to display half of their surprise. Sure it took plenty of plenty of surprises but for this Anicon.

First of all Agent Coulson, of Avengers. Sure there not much to do with his black suit custom other than his gun. However since he did a heroic moment in gathering the avengers he does deserve his action figure.

Secondly Chitauri foot soldier, gosh I can’t believe that Hot Toys is making this, bring on the Agent Maria Hill. Its going to look awesome for Chitauri Foot soldier, now they mention foot soldier, I will not surprise if actually Hot Toys will make Chitauri Flying soldier, or other Chitauri soldier variant.

Lastly, other than the Cat Woman, Batman the dark knight rise they are also displaying the 1/4 Batman scale, this will definitely heat up the competition with enterbay and the way I look at it Hot Toys entering 1/4 scale will be masive, I can’t wait for them to make 1/2 scale that would be awesome.

I wonder if they will display Hulk and Ironman Mark 7 too

Bandai will release megasize 1/48 scale of rx78-2 in Chrome color. The price for the Mega Size 1/48 RX-78-2 Gundam Extra Finish Ver.

While the price is almost doubled as compared to the original Gundam, priced at 14000 yen.

This exclusive merchandises to be on sale at the Gunpla Expo Japan World Tour 2011 (UDX Akiba Square @ Akihabara, Japan between Nov 4th -6th, 2011).

The admission is free, I’m suspecting to get this outside Japan will cost extra more.

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New Garo Toys Tamashii Web

January 20th, 2012  |  Published in Bandai, Below $200  | 0

Garo, is a toku genre film series. There are also big screen movie produced by this series.

There are some cool toys announcement from Tamashii, Garo Zero and Kiba will return. But not in Equip and Prop Series. Rather Bandai have decided to make new toy line up series based on the movie.

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Akira is very well known anime, it have a deep political meaning of Japanese culture. Apparently Leonardo Dicaprio is already on take to make a movie out of it. Well, this news is not about that, is about this sick cool toys from Project BM. This bike is 1/6 scale of Kaneda’s Bike. Comes with 3 different LED color, blue , yellow and red for the dashboard. You can open up the bike’s body for inside mechanical works. Totally awesome, comes with heavy price tags of 39900 Yen, or about … 450 USD some Japanese online store have it for sale for about 300 US. Worth the money ?? Yes I think soo..

Aoshima Black Getter Comparison

October 28th, 2009  |  Published in Aoshima, Below $100, Below $200, Fewture, Price  | 0

Aoshima rather known as Miracle House are rather famous for their SG series Getter. The only problem are they making too many version for the same model. Lately I was looking into getting on Black Getter robots model. I actually really wanted to get the Fewture Black Getter which are damn expensive ( price up to $1000 – $1500 USD). At the moment there are 3 versions of Aoshima Black Getters they are:

  • Black Getter Normal Version (With Ryoma)
  • Black Getter Metalic Kawaii Version (With Dr Saotome)
  • Black Getter Matt Blood / Weathering Version (With Ryoma)

After close investigation with no doubt I can say the Weathering Version of is the best amongs all, not only comes with the blood stain it also glow in the dark. The only problem is there not much stock available for this version. It can cost up to $250 US.

I decided to get the Metalic Kawaii Version, as I feel there are nothing special on getting the normal version of it.
You can wait until Bandai release their Black Getter SOC.. maybe it just a matter of time !

However it is up to your preference which one to get 😀
If you confused you can collect them all .. hehe!

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Tamashii Armored Part for Alto Custom Bandai SDX 1/60

October 19th, 2009  |  Published in Bandai, Below $200, Macross, Price  | 0

Not long ago, I got an Alto Custom Bandai 1/60 SDX from big bad toy store it is on 20% discount. Not a bad price, shipment is a bit expensive but they do reliable shipment with tracking. You can cancel any order as long as it is not shipped from their warehouse.

Surprisingly enough Alto Custon 1/60 does look a bit small. Not very satisfied with the stock look I decided to get more parts for it. The Armored part produced by Tamashii. Tamashii only sell parts, limited edition toys for bandai stuff on the web. Bought the part for $99 USD. The part for box is so huge its about almost 3 time bigger compared the actual Alto. The parts are made of plastics. Great colour and high in details. Makes the alto custom so loaded … Worth the bucks! I definitely recommend this kit for all of you who own Alto Custom.
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