Riobot Evangelion Limited Color First Run Pachinko Hall Edition

August 3rd, 2013  |  Published in Riobot  | 0

I just noticed that Riobot actually have an alternate color version of their Evangelion 01 test type.

This color I notice is more purplish – almost close to the SOC spec color, but its metallic.

I accidentally come across this from browsing through Yahoo Japan.

I‘m not actually sure if I prefer this color scheme or the normal Riobot Color scheme which I think the normal color scheme also doesnt look like your ordinary evangelion.

Check out the comparison below …

FYI the price for this is 8600 yen. Not much different than the original color of Riobot.



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Riobot Getter Dino and Riobot Getter Robo

July 28th, 2013  |  Published in Riobot  | 0

I’m always a fan of Getter Robo. Riobot always made the best sculpt and articulation point of figure. The only problem with Riobot is the figure is way too small just as big as revoltech. I wish Riobot made it bigger scale and using die cast like Fewture model… then it’s a definite buy. The problem with Riobot is their price does not come cheap. It will be around 10.000 yen for each toys for this Riobot figures.

At this point in wonder Japan they display their newest getter Dino. The Getter can transform into a dinosaurs model.

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