SideShow announced Jim Raynor 1/6 scale, apparently this sideshow toy is a collaboration with a third party studio. The price of this figure is 499 $USD that exclude shipping cost for most store. However the detail of the armor of this is very impressive. You wont be able to detach the Jim Raynor figure out of the armor. However it comes with 2 variant of head. There is also Tycus figure on planning. The figure should be fairly limited due to the price barrier. We will later see whether the price can rise up or lowered down in the secondary market.

We will be waiting for more for starcraft 2 figure release .. like kerigan on snipper suit, and Tycus Findlay.

500 Dollar is hard justification for this figure. Which heighted around 15 inch. I guess is just slightly smaller then Ironmonger. The lighting works and the cabling and the detachable visor is a win for me.

Can’t wait for Tycus not sure perhaps Tycus will be out after this Jim Raynor Release…. sigh.. these days the cost of the figure is just getting higher and higher. For me personally this is hands down figure. Despite of the price tag 🙁



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