SDCC 2014 all the batman you ever wished for!

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Recently on San Diego Comic Con SquareEnix have released a multiple variation of their Play Arts line, in particular BATMAN. Perhaps commemorating the 75th anniversary of Batman, there are plenty of variants of Batman.

Notably is the the BATMAN by Tetsuya Nomura that redesign BATMAN becoming more final fantasyish ..

Not only that SquareEnix display all kinds of Batman, but also their trademark Final Fantasy 7 CLOUD from the advent children its being renewed, also another version of HALO MasterChief…

Enjoy these beautiful pictures from ToyArk



Play Arts Kai DC Variant Superman and SuperGirl

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I totally liked the direction of Play Arts Kai DC Variant.

Green Lantern 52, Batman and WonderWoman have just released this month.

While Flash and BatGirl are now open for pre-ordering



There are prototype shown for Superman, and SuperGirl. I liked how SuperGirl have a sword attached through it.
Other than this two Aquaman prototype has also surfaced.

The price of this ussualy ranges from 6800 Yen (amiami) – 7400 Yen ( These price are before shipping cost )

I liked these DC Variant the height of the figure is equal to METAL GEAR SOLID Play arts kai

I usually purchased my stuff through amiami with shipping option SAL registered. I tried to use SAL unregistered before the price could save up about 700 yen. However that 700 yen is so not worth it because mose of the time it arrives to my country very slow and there is no insurance or tracking that come with it.

What I notice though, if the item is small like Figma / SHF / Revoltech with SAL Unregistered the item will come blazingly faster.

Play Arts Kai DC Variant

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During the SDCC 2013, in Play Arts booth I saw more appearance of this line up. Flash DC Variant is already painted ( Very cool Flash ) and Aqua Man also looking jaw dropping.

Well done SquareEnix to keep improving the Play Arts Line


Pacific Rim Japanese Poster

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Pacific Rim is the ultimate otaku love letter movie from the director Guillermo Del Toro. Frankly speaking prior to Pacific Rim I have not noticed his name, although he was also the director behind Pan Labyrinth Hell Boy. I liked the appearance of Ron Pearlman (Hell Boy Actor) in this movie, he bring a comedic aspect to the movie the joke about the shoe is pretty much hilarious too. P.S. If you stayed up until the credit rolls there is abit of sequence where Ron Pearlman getting out of the Kaiju belly.
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Play Arts Kai DC Universe VARIANT

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There is this event on New  York Toy Fair 2013. It shows all the latest toys, the latest new series from SquareEnix Play arts showcase their New DC Universe Variant. The sculpt looked totally great. Really liked it, however I’m not sure about how affordable will SquareEnix put these toys to be.

Here are the announcement: 

Play Arts Kai Green Lantern DC UNIVERSE VARIANT
Play Arts Kai Wonder Woman Play DC UNIVERSE VARIANT

Check out these cool images;

Not to forget they continue to follow some PlayArts videogame series from the MGS series, MGS1 Liquid Snake, MGS2 Raiden, Also from the Capcom “Resident Evil 6” Leon Play Arts Kai  and Helena Play Arts Kai

Looking great for the DC Universe Variant, These days there are just way too much of it. I hope it does comes in an very afforadble price.


New Slimmer Playstation 3 Design

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New Playstation 3 prototype is leaked through a Brazilian telecommunication company, what apperant to be a even slimmer Playstation 3 with a flip – top instead of a slot through blue ray drive.

What interesting is how this machine got smaller and smaller everytime. I’m guessing it will still take another good 2 years until we finally see Playstation 4

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Recent announcement of MGS5 is a Fake

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The recent appearance of MGS5 logo bring shock to the internet. Konami did not responded after being ask for conformation.

Hideo Kojima finally clarify this and tweeted that.

“That title logo is completely fake. Apologies to those who were looking forward to this.”

That is very nice of him to clarify all this problem.

Not also displaying all the most recent videogames toys, squareenix playarts kai are expending into their movie license with The Dark Knight Rises, the figure Batman and Bane.

The cool thing about Play Arts Kai is the sculptor artist have a view on what it is so called “Action Figure” touch. Their proportion and fine detailing is not the same as Hot Toys with their realistic approach.

I do think that Play Arts have a lot of room to improve especially in the painting of these action figure. As for the scale it self, Play Arts Kai are slightly larger than the old play Arts ( These are really different for each figure and there are no exact scale for each comparison )

PlayArts at SDCC 2012 !!

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The San Diego Comic Con 2012 are showing now, this annually held event is not only showing stuff for comics enthusiast but these days toys are the main spotlight. All the biggest Toys manufacturing company are showcasing their best new toys.

PlayArts from SquareEnix are expending their licenses for lot of new toys, surprisingly some are exceptionally very well sculpted.


Started off with Raiden in MGS REVENGEANCE. The sculpt are solid rock. IMO its better than Hot Toys, HALO 4 Glossy finish is killing it. More importantly there are appearance of CatWoman and Robin in this figure. Just Awesome!

One of SDCC’s highlights is a sneak peak of toys and actions figures that makes any fans drool till is floods San Diego. Always an eye candy are Play Arts Kai action figures. Great job from the guys at for the images.

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Ultra Act Ultraman

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This is the Ultraman in SH figure art forms, however Bandai called this lined up as Ultra-Act. This will be a good contender for “Revoltech” Kaiyodo. The height is about 16cm, highly articulated and posable.

This look like the best articulated Ultraman figure I’ve seen. Looks good in the cape too..

c=”” alt=”” title=”actultraman” width=”491″ height=”500″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-349″ />

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