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Project BM Akira Bike pictures

March 5th, 2010  |  Published in Anime, Bandai, VideoGames, Weapon Replica  | 0

There is a new update for Project BM Akira Bike, the length of the bike is 0.5 Metter (quite huge )

There are 5 components light up: headlights, front and rear wheels, left and right turn signals, rear lamps and dashboard. The bike’s armor can be detached easily,

The Plastic Armor are held together via magnet, it has sound effect for the brake (left) and the accelerator (right). Can be connected to an external speaker for higher sound quality. There will be also special prize for early pre-order: plain cowl and special stickers designed by Otomo Katsuhiro (大友克洋), director of “Akira”.

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Akira is very well known anime, it have a deep political meaning of Japanese culture. Apparently Leonardo Dicaprio is already on take to make a movie out of it. Well, this news is not about that, is about this sick cool toys from Project BM. This bike is 1/6 scale of Kaneda’s Bike. Comes with 3 different LED color, blue , yellow and red for the dashboard. You can open up the bike’s body for inside mechanical works. Totally awesome, comes with heavy price tags of 39900 Yen, or about … 450 USD some Japanese online store have it for sale for about 300 US. Worth the money ?? Yes I think soo..

Get into Fashion with RX-78 Jeans!!

October 16th, 2009  |  Published in Bandai, Weapon Replica  | 0

Not sure what is in Bandai head when giving the approval to produce this Jean. This straight jeans cost almost near of PG 00 Raiser. With around $250 US you can get in style like the true gundam RX-73. Very straight jeans with some star marks, and little RX-78 writting on the back. Surprisingly enough it is sold out from HLJ. So could be some really hardcore Otaku got it, or wait.. it could be you ?

Fender in coorpoeration with Yamano music are launching 2 guitar variant based on Evangelion Rei Ayanami. Both guitar are due to release by the end of this year. Apperantly both are for auction. So I’m sore there is much of crazy Otaku who will get this. Need to be careful that paint on the wood is aged deterioration with temperature and humidity, so you need to make sure to store this kind of guitar in not a humid air.

Yet another Macross Helmet

October 16th, 2009  |  Published in Weapon Replica, Yamato  | 0

Back in 2003, Yamato is making a real 1:1 Helmet scale for Macross. If you ever dream of being a macross Pilot, this is one hell of collection you cannot miss. The real scale helmet is price 1500 USD. Thats a bit step is it ? After long 5 years now another real motorcycle Macross Helemt is yet to be produced. This one of course less extreme then the previous model, the helmet this time is from SDF Macross – Do You Remember Love? Skull Platoon Motorcycle Helmet Roy Focker and Hikaru Ichijyo types. however though still look very cool. Refer to the image bellow.

Pre-order period is on from now till November 30th. This will be release on Febuary 2010 with the price around 430 USD, 1/3 of the Yamato version of the helmet!!

Assassin’s Creed Real-Life Weapons

October 16th, 2009  |  Published in PS3, VideoGames, Weapon Replica, Xbox 360  | 0

Ubisoft have given the right to Atlanta Cutlery and Museum Replicas to produce wristblades, throwing knives, swords, boots, belts, tunics and more, All are based authentic and similar to what Altair wears. The price though it does not comes cheap. Only for around 1000 USD will dress you up like the game hero.

Might be good for your own cosplay, or fan baseed movie production.

Gears of Wars Lancer Replica

September 24th, 2009  |  Published in Bandai, VideoGames, Weapon Replica  | 0

If you are a big fans of Gears of Wars, get ready to get shock!!

This is a full 1:1 Lancer Gun replica from Gears of Wars. Produced by Triforce. The details is absolutely stunning.

Expecting release date is Febuary 2010. The price tag is also shocking,  its $954 USD well if you can afford it, sure there will be special satisfaction one

that only money can buy.

It looked really real, I wonder if the lights are on and the ammo pack is changeable.


More Specs:

  • Item Number: GOW_lancer
  • License: Gears of War
  • Product Size: 13″ H x 5″ W x 40″ L
  • Product Weight: 15lbs
  • Artist: Erick Sosa, Jorge Martinez, William Valenzuela, Toi Ogunyoku, Paul Komoda

Visit the TriForce website to secure your gun now!!