Custom Optimus Prime Power Up Transformer by Rudi Caplank

After 1 month my regular toys customizer has finished working on this Power Up Optimus Prime Transformer.

This Optimus Power UP Prime I scouted of ebay for 150 USD loose condition shipped to my country Jakarta Indonesia. Which are not bad for this price. Considering the new one sell around 250 USD in Ebay from seller in Hongkong.

I ask my regular professional toys customizer “rudi caplank” to build a great battle damage version of these hasbro figure.

Rudi Caplank is a very well known toys customizer from Jakarta Indonesia. His very area of specialty is in customizing Transformers figures, Hot Toys and repaint statue.

Before I start with the end result here I post you the picture of before the work start:

My request to him was simple, made me a cool one. I googled through some different version of this Optimus Power Up Prime.. Some cool ones from states, and a customizer house in Thailand.

Sure he made a great one, and like always he exceed my expectation. He customized a very nice big cannon gun ( Like the one in black rock shooter ) with the ammunition clinging in here.

I think he did a very great job, but unfortunately my Camera is not good enough to do his piece a justice. I also had a Jet Wing Optimus Prime that he worked on which I will share with you guys later
Read more for more picture galore ….

I will blog again when I get a new DSLR later on this year with a proper lighting setup.

Rudi Caplank did me proud, set the bar to a new level 🙂 🙂 Thanks bro!

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