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Dimension Diver Metroid Samus Aran color resin

October 21st, 2009  |  Published in Bellow $400, Nintendo, Price, VideoGames

I actually never heard about Dimension Diver until recently. They produced very nice toys, very small but heavy price tags. Not sure if they are actually big manufacturer or new start up, but hey everyone have to start somewhere. As long as they have high quality and faith in their product, they can be giants. I even remembered back then when Hot Toys used to be very small company.

Dimension Diver Toys are relative small, they come as a kit with unasambled and unpainted ( painted resin with basic color ). Definitely need your savy air brushing skill to turn this into magic. The finish results are awesome. Surprsingly the price is rather scary. It goes up to 355 USD in ebay, perhaps due to its limited quantities. This sucker was sold only on Wonder Festival 2009 in Japan.

These kind of toys sometimes even with money you can’t buy đŸ˜›

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