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In Entrepreneur Journeys, Volume One, serial entrepreneur and Forbes columnist Sramana Mitra offers you a seat at the table with an eclectic group of successful entrepreneurs and delivers an intimate look at how to build a thriving business.


As one entrepreneur speaks with another, readers gain access to case studies—conversations really—exploring the alleys of entrepreneurship in a way that only an experienced strategist like Mitra can probe and extract.  Her synthesis of key learnings and incisive analysis add great depth to discussions on bootstrapping, disruptive business models, and addressing unmet market needs.


Entrepreneur Journeys is accessible through its story-telling narrative, and at the same time academic in its depth of insight.  This is a book that is sure to please anyone interested in building a new business, but is essential reading for every technology entrepreneur.


“Inspiration awaits readers in this volume of interviews with entrepreneurs.  [Entrepreneur Journeys] will provide great insight into the questions and answers behind a start-up business.  It succeeds in sharing the enthusiasm and sense of adventure of these technological pioneers.”

– Kirkus Discoveries

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