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F# Deep Dives presents a collection of real-world F# techniques, each written by expert practitioners. Each chapter presents a new use case where you’ll read how the author used F# to solve a complex problem more effectively than would have been possible using a traditional approach. You’ll not only see how a specific solution works in a specific domain, you’ll also learn how F# developers approach problems, what concepts they use to solve them, and how they integrate F# into existing systems and environments.

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About the Technology

F# is an elegant, cross-platform, functional-first programming language. With F#, developers create consistent and predictable programs that are easier to test and reuse, simpler to parallelize, and less prone to bugs. The language, its tooling, and the functional programming style have proven effective in many application areas like secure financial engines, machine learning algorithms, scientific calculations, collaborative web applications, games, and more.

About the Book

F# Deep Dives is a selection of real-world F# techniques written by expert practitioners. Each chapter presents an important use case where you’ll solve a real programming challenge effectively using F# and the functional-first approach. Not only will you see how a specific solution works in a specific domain, but you’ll also learn how functional programmers think about problems, how they solve them, and how they integrate F# into existing systems and environments.

Readers should have at least an introductory knowledge of the F# language.

What’s Inside

  • Numerical computing
  • Data visualization
  • Business logic
  • Domain-specific languages
  • Practical solutions to real problems
  • Information-rich programming, including LINQ and F# type providers
  • Covers F# 3.1 and VS 2013

About the Authors

Tomas Petricek contributed to the development of the F# language at Microsoft Research. Phil Trelford is an early adopter of F# and one of its most vocal advocates. They are joined by F# experts Chris Ballard, Keith Battocchi, Colin Bull, Chao-Jen Chen, Yan Cui, Johann Deneux, Kit Eason, Evelina Gabasova, Dmitry Morozov, and Don Syme.

Table of Contents

  1. Succeeding with functional-first languages in the industry
  3. Calculating cumulative binomial distributions
  4. Parsing text-based languages
  6. Numerical computing in the financial domain
  7. Understanding social networks
  8. Integrating stock data into the F# language
  10. Developing rich user interfaces using the MVC pattern
  11. Asynchronous and agent-based programming
  12. Creating games using XNA
  13. Building social web applications
  15. F# in the enterprise
  16. Software quality

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