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It is vital in any economic situation to have a network to be able to fall back on, or build upon. The most valuable website giving you this on a professional level is LinkedIn.

Over 57 million people now have a profile on LinkedIn and also a few Connections. The question that most people ask is: what does this website have that I can use to my advantage? And also: how can I use it in a way that gives me results without my having to spend too much time on it?

“How to REALLY use LinkedIn” shows why LinkedIn is such a powerful tool for everybody to use. Not only that, it also presents a short and effective step-by-step plan for people to apply to get immediate results and advanced strategies for finding new customers, a new job, employees and people to help you get your job done faster.

On top of that, the answers to frequently asked questions, an overview of little-known LinkedIn features and the list of free time-saving tools make it the perfect manual to REALLY start using LinkedIn.

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