“How to Save $100,000 a Year on Google AdWords”

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How to Save 0,000 a Year on Google AdWords sits in the business/marketing category and will appeal to business owners who need practical advice promoting their products and services on the internet without spending money with on-line advertising companies such as Google AdWords.   

Starting with a brief introduction into the psychology of the selling process the author guides the reader through a proven strategy known as a “Social Blog Network” which utilises Blogging and Social Media to maximise the exposure of any business on the internet and generate a wealth of targeted traffic. 

The book is packed full of links to useful websites and on-line tools, many of which are free, and contains a wealth of information on how the techniques outlined can be used effectively to promote any business on-line but also includes specific guides for several businesses niches including Accounting, Alternative Energy, Franchises, Restaurants and Travel.

The book also covers Reputation Marketing which with the recent growth and popularity of review sites has become a very important part of marketing that will give any business an edge over their competition.  Another chapter also provides advice on how to use outsourcers and leverage the lower costs of the global labour market to promote your business.

In summary, this is a modern up to the minute guide in an easy to read format that details the latest low cost marketing techniques to successfully promote any business on-line without having to spend any money with on-line advertising.

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