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· The Ultimate Killer Instinct Fan Book takes a retrospective look at the series to showcase the art and history of the franchise and its characters.  

· A True Collectors Item Packed With Exclusives – The Killer Instinct Ultra Fan Book includes exclusive interviews with the development team and the creator of the series, exclusive artwork that can’t be seen anywhere else and exclusive back stage tour through the studios making the game.

· Living Mobile Guide for All Character Strategies – Each hardcover book includes access to the living strategy guide with videos, tips and strategies all constantly being updated to cover the latest game changes and new characters.
· Includes 16 Page Pull-Out Jago Strategy Guide – Exclusive Strategy booklet provides in-depth coverage of Jago, your free character included with Killer Instinct.
· Learn from Killer Instinct Pros – Updated Strategies written by our tournament-champion authors and verified by the Killer Instinct team to take your game to the next level. 
· Explore the Studios Behind Killer Instinct – Peek inside the minds of the creators to see their inspiration and learn how the characters and their art has evolved.

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Download your Killer Instinct: Ultra Fan Book book in PDF or ePUB format. You can read these on Mac or PC desktop computer, plus many other supperted devices. The free download for Windows or Mac OS take less than a minute to install over a broadband connection.

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