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Key Features

  • Get to grips with Windows PowerShell and how it can be used to manage various aspects of the operating system and applications
  • Become proficient in PowerShell and apply it to manage Exchange infrastructure on-premise or via Exchange Online as part of Office 365
  • Learn to create Windows PowerShell scripts to do administrative tasks with this step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide

Book Description

PowerShell has become one of the most important skills in an Exchange administrator’s armory. PowerShell has proved its mettle so widely that, if you’re not already starting to learn PowerShell, then you’re falling behind the industry. It isn’t difficult to learn PowerShell at all. In fact, if you’ve ever run commands from a CMD prompt, then you’ll be able to start using PowerShell straightaway.

This book will walk you through the essentials of PowerShell in Microsoft Exchange Server and make sure you understand its nitty gritty effectively.

You will first walk through the core concepts of PowerShell and their applications. This book discusses ways to automate tasks and activities that are performed by Exchange administrators and that otherwise take a lot of manual effort.

Microsoft Exchange PowerShell Essentials will provide all the required details for Active Directory, System, and Exchange administrators to help them understand Windows PowerShell and build the required scripts to manage the Exchange Infrastructure.

What you will learn

  • Deep dive into the Windows PowerShell basics
  • Create and manage Recipients and permissions
  • Manage Distribution Group members, permissions, and group types
  • Understand Certificates and Role-Based Access Control using real-world examples
  • Review the usage of email address, address book, and retention policies with examples
  • Learn to manage Exchange Client Access and Mailbox Server roles
  • Use PowerShell for auditing and risk management in your Exchange organization
  • Manage a highly available Exchange environment using PowerShell
  • Interact with Exchange through the use of the Exchange Web Services-managed API

About the Author

Biswanath Banerjee has been working with Exchange Servers since 2005 in various roles in support, training, and consulting. Spanning an IT career of over 14 years, he has worked on multiple Active Directory and Exchange migration projects. He specializes in Planning and Deployment of Microsoft Infrastructure Solutions such as Active Directory, Exchange, Lync, Skype for Business, and various Office 365 services.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with PowerShell
  2. Learning Recipient Management
  3. Handling Distribution Groups
  4. Exchange Security
  5. Everything about Microsoft Exchange Policies
  6. Handling Exchange Server Roles
  7. Auditing and E-Discovery
  8. Managing High Availability
  9. Exploring EWS Managed API
  10. Common Administration Tasks

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