Pacific Rim Japanese Poster

Pacific Rim is the ultimate otaku love letter movie from the director Guillermo Del Toro. Frankly speaking prior to Pacific Rim I have not noticed his name, although he was also the director behind Pan Labyrinth Hell Boy. I liked the appearance of Ron Pearlman (Hell Boy Actor) in this movie, he bring a comedic aspect to the movie the joke about the shoe is pretty much hilarious too. P.S. If you stayed up until the credit rolls there is abit of sequence where Ron Pearlman getting out of the Kaiju belly.

I think Del Toro have successfully set the bar very high. During the first time I saw the trailer of this movie there are way too many cool stuff like the synchronization between Pilot, the Kaiju Fights, the lots of different Robot. I thought ait will be very difficult to put all these elements together to create a movie that is very entertaining. This is almost the same difficult stuff like putting the Avengers movie.

This movie is way better than transformers or gi joe series. It have an atmospheric living setting and environment that I really enjoy. Like the Kaiju After market setting in Hong Kong. In regards to the Robot Design I’m not really digging it its still cool, and stylish but its way to Americanize of my self.

This movie has influenced from all over the Japanese Mecha movie to, the appearance of the Kaiju similar to the Angel appearance in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Also the Rocket Punch and the Chest Beam really looked like Mazinger Z.

Hideo Kojima the founding father of Metal Gear Solid ( Konami / Kojima Pro ) was apparently a huge fan of this movie. His short tweet telling the world that this movie is more than we can expect.

Apparently Yoki Shinkawa the designer behind metal gear solid game series got the chance to design the Japanese Theater Movie Promo Poster for Pacific Rim. I think his design Kick Ass! enjoy the image.

I will look forward for all Pacific Rim toys. At the time of this writting only NECA and SIDESHOW statue was announced. I hoped 3A will make Pacific Rim Jaegers.

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