I bought this item from amiami, couple of month ago amiami just opened their international store. The price is 25% off the marked price, so bought this PG Raiser 1/60 gundam for 18280 Yen which converted to be around 210 USD. Pretty good price eh, but wait shipment cost another 10750 Yen, which is around 120 USD! This might be because I bought Macross Frontier Ex Gear Alto together with it ( the macross cost 4700 Yen aroun 54 US which a very good price compared elsewhere..) . Regardless I almost canceled my order as soon as I hear the price tag. I email their support in regards to cheaper shipping alternative, but apparently this is already a good price according to the sales reps. He explained the box is really really huge. Then after couple of thoughts and price checking from ebay (most of ebay are pre-ordered or not the first release), I have decided to get it of amiami.

Upon receiving it No surprise, the box is so damn huge. Shipment with EMS was lightning fast. Shipped on Saturday Received on Monday. No Drama. Packaging is well solid. Perfect package. I received the Gundam Raiser Stand as well which I heard this is only available for the first batch of shipment.

There will be an additional Clear Parts for the Gundam. This will cost around 3500 Yen alone. Not sure if I will get this.

Inside the Gundam Box, there are 3 different box, one for the raiser, one for the Gundam and one for the pre-assambled part of the GN Drive. Damn, this might take couple of weeks to build.. well I will save it for later… maybe early next year when I’m not busy 😛

Overall I’m pretty much happy buying from AMIAMI. And would recommended Amiami as reliable Japanese toys store.


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