Play Arts Kai DC Variant Superman and SuperGirl

I totally liked the direction of Play Arts Kai DC Variant.

Green Lantern 52, Batman and WonderWoman have just released this month.

While Flash and BatGirl are now open for pre-ordering



There are prototype shown for Superman, and SuperGirl. I liked how SuperGirl have a sword attached through it.
Other than this two Aquaman prototype has also surfaced.

The price of this ussualy ranges from 6800 Yen (amiami) – 7400 Yen ( These price are before shipping cost )

I liked these DC Variant the height of the figure is equal to METAL GEAR SOLID Play arts kai

I usually purchased my stuff through amiami with shipping option SAL registered. I tried to use SAL unregistered before the price could save up about 700 yen. However that 700 yen is so not worth it because mose of the time it arrives to my country very slow and there is no insurance or tracking that come with it.

What I notice though, if the item is small like Figma / SHF / Revoltech with SAL Unregistered the item will come blazingly faster.

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