This is the most expensive Mazinger – Z I’ve ever known. This was actually show cased last year in 2009 but now is already confirmed!
UMC stand for Urban Material Chogokin, it was produced by Tamashii Nation ( under Bandai ).

This UMC hottest is made of titanium Carbon. 900mm tall, and 8kg weight. The display base dimension is 600mm tall, with 400mm in width and depth respectively, weighting about 4kgs.

The only way to get this is to contact Tamashii Nation directly. They only produce extremely limited quantity. 10 Unit worldwide. The Pre order started tomorrow if you are really into this you better be hurry. The UMC Mazinger Z will be ready to be shipped on the 29 August this year.

How expensive ? 2.000.000 yen,. which make it around $22.000 US dollars… Hm… I’m deciding should I get a car, or this for my birthday..

. ha ha ha

This is simply The Best Mazinger. Ever. Period.


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