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This book focuses on the implementation of the Domain Name Service within Windows NT-treating it thoroughly from the viewpoint of an experienced Windows NT professional. An authoritative and comprehensive reference on the implementation of DNS within the Windows NT environment, this guide has detailed, real-world examples that illustrate the material throughout. Windows NT DNS is a reference for System Engineers and System Architects. It is the only book available covering the implementation of DNS within the Windows NT environment. First, the book covers the details of how DNS functions within NT, then specific interactions with critical network components are explored. Finally, proven procedures to design and set up DNS is demonstrated.At the core of Windows NT DNS is a Zen-like guide to achieving harmony. In this case, the peaceful coexistence for which you’re aiming isn’t between you and the universe but rather between two naming structures that are somewhat at odds: the DNS (Domain Name Server) and the NetBIOS naming system. The authors expertly lead you through the process of creating a Windows networking environment that both DNS and Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) can live with comfortably and productively. In addition, you’re provided with tutorials on the naming schemas, as well as practical information on designing, implementing, and configuring a Windows-based DNS network. But what makes the book gel is the clarity of prose and thought resounding throughout.

The book opens with a chapter that could easily be entitled DNS 101. It outlines what DNS is and its role in individual networks and the greater computer world (i.e., the Internet). The book then logically progresses to dissections of NetBIOS names, the WINS server, and how to maximize each system on your network. They then cover the ins and outs of Microsoft’s DNS Server, which, like the WINS server, is bundled with NT. More than half of the pages are dedicated to practical application: from configuring servers to working with Internet service providers to troubleshooting and maintenance. As a bonus, you get six appendices that cover subjects such as Requests for Comments (RFCs) on DNS and NetBIOS, as well as information on how to register your domain names with the Internet Network Information Center (InterNIC). An impressive effort, Windows NT DNS should definitely populate the bookshelves of those whose occupations require intimate knowledge of Windows NT networking and the Internet.–Sarah L. Roberts-Witt

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