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Use the power of LinkedIn to bag your dream job.

LinkedIn is now the mainstream for those looking to attract the attention of human resource recruiters for major companies and thousands of other types of employers. Learning the best and most powerful hacks to make your profile awesome is going to get you the recognition you deserve.

Even if you are already a member of LinkedIn, this book is going to give you hacks that you probably didn’t think about when you set up your profile. Your profile is your advertisement, and what you should be advertising is what a great asset you would be to any company.

The job market is tough, and recruiters as well as hiring managers can afford to be selective. Having a mediocre resume doesn’t move you to the top of the list if you go into a business to apply in person, and having a mediocre profile on LinkedIn isn’t going to make you stand out either.

This book will teach you:

  • Basic functions and use of LinkedIn
  • Benefits of LinkedIn
  • What words to use and what to avoid in your LinkedIn profile
  • Getting people to look at your LinkedIn profile by answering questions
  • Creating catchy headlines for your LinkedIn profile
  • Branding yourself with LinkedIn
  • And much more!

LinkedIn is dominating the world of business-based networking, yet many of its users don’t know how to make the most of it, while others are hesitant to join yet another social network. Whether you’re a job seeker, an employer in search of new talent, or a business looking to boost your visibility, make LinkedIn your social network of choice – this book will be your guide.

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